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Lago di Como


4, 5, 6 Gennaio 2024

Our Mission

At the heart of the Eagle Cup lies a passion for three core values that resonate through everything we do. These values are a testament to our commitment to the community, the sport, and inclusivity.


Local Valorization

We are immensely proud of our region, encompassing the provinces of Como and Lecco. The Eagle Cup stands as a monumental event, reflecting the beauty and culture of our territory. It’s not just about sports; it’s about artistic, playful, and gastronomic experiences that the teams, families, and supporters can enjoy. The event fosters unparalleled unity at local, regional, and national levels.


Youth Sports Empowerment

The Eagle Cup isn’t simply a volleyball tournament; it’s an affirmation of our belief in the youth. With over 1900 participating athletes and widespread community engagement, we strive to create a platform that inspires young talents. We believe in the game, fun, motivation, and the future that awaits these young girls and their families. Our pursuit is to build experiences like the Eagle Cup that serve as a strong and engaging foundation for young athletes.



In the spirit of true sportsmanship and community, the Eagle Cup is an event for everyone. We proudly embrace inclusivity by organizing sit-volley events for children in wheelchairs. This commitment reflects our belief that sports should be a unifying force, transcending all barriers.

Join us in celebrating these values and making the 8th edition of the Eagle Cup Volley a remarkable event that not only enhances volleyball but elevates our community’s pride and joy. Together, we play, we unite, and we inspire!

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